How life changes after being a mother

How life changes after being a mother??Tremendously... Physical and emotionaly you will undergo lots of pressure... My daughter is just an year old and I was wondering what all changes this Little one has brought in my life.
        I know I still have a long way to go but this one year has taught me so much and I thought this is the time to share what I learnt as a new mom.
        Everything is secondary and my baby is my priority. This was my thought when I decided to choose my girl instead of my job. It was my career which was my priority all these years but now its all my girl.
       Baby first. My girl always get hungry or dirty herself or just needs attention when am busy with something. So then baby comes first and my work goes lost.
       Control. Oh my god!!! This is very difficult but no other go than controlling your anger. It takes me days to organise my home and to set everything perfectly. But my daughter takes just few minutes to spoil it.
        Love. We all fall in love at some part of life but a mother's love is different. It's unconditional... This you will learn only after being a mom...
     There are lot more things I learnt after being a mom which can't be explained in just one post. I have written a seperate post on what all I learnt after being a mom. Please check my post " Mom is learning " in my blog Cheekoogarden to know my experience and to share yours.

PCOD : About which every women should be aware

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    Poly cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)...  This is condition that usually affects women in the age group of 12 to 45. 

* What is PCOD
* Causes of PCOD
* Symptoms
* Treatment

What is PCOD :

PCOD is the growth of many no of small cysts on the ovaries. It affects 1 in every 10 women. Women with PCOD have menstrual related problem. Women having PCOD fail to Develop a matured follicle which and hence they face difficulty in conceiving.

Causes of PCOD :

 There is no proven evidence about the causes of PCOD. It is Mostly believed that it is caused due to hormonal imbalance in women's body. 

Symptoms :  

 Common symptoms of PCOD are Irregular periods, weight gain, Infertility, facial hair growth, skin darkening, mood swings etc.

Treatment :

Doctor's suggest treatment plan depending on your age and if you are trying to conceive. Along with treatment there are many more things which you can do to control and avoid PCOD like Exercise regularly, having a healthy diet, keeping your weight in control  etc.

       At last want to say that its not the end of the world if you are diagnosed with PCOD. It always possible to keep it in control and lead a normal life with small lifestyle changes. There are many examples where ladies have conceived with PCOD and leading normal life. Always Stay Positive.

Six Tips To Avoid Diaper Rash In Babies


           Is your Baby crying and upset?? Diaper rash can be a reason for it...

 My baby was just a week old when she got diaper rash and I was wondering what I can do to avoid it. Then I found these few tips very helpful which can completely avoid diaper rash in babies.

1) Change :  

             Change the diaper every two to three hours. If baby is having stomach upset don't wait for three hours time line and keep an eye on baby's diaper and change it when needed.

2) Water Wipe :

              It's always better to use  water and cotton cloth to clean the area than using wet wipes. You can keep wet wipes to clean when you are out from house.

3) Air dry : 

              Let the area air dry completely before putting on a fresh diaper. Moisture in the area can irritate baby.

4) Diaper rash cream or oil :

             It's always better to put on a lighting coating of rash cream or coconut oil prior putting on a diaper.

5) Correct Size : 

             Always use correct size diaper. Baby will not be comfortable in wearing a diaper which is either loose or tight.

6) Quality of Diaper : 

             choosing a good Quality diaper is also very important. There are many brands & varieties of diaper available in market. Choose one which can absorb better and suits your baby.

         Do you have any other tips to avoid diaper rash?? Please comment.

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